let’s pretend we’re catching up over some hot tea.

Life, lately, has been a bit crazy. The good crazy. The kind where you really start to feel God all around because you’re crazy happy. That. I’ve laughed a whole lot. I’ve spent a lot of time with my family – from here to Alabama and Louisiana and Texas and Utah. I’ve spent a lot of hours experimenting in the kitchen and a good many watching One Tree Hill, too.

There’ve been date nights and outfit changes.


{This is what happens when you live alone and are indecisive.}

There have been nights with my best friends with plenty of wine, too.


And good food, including this broiled avocado with parmesan, texas pete, and oregano.


I played tennis with Daniel and finally feel like I got my long lost service game back!


{And my sweet brother let me borrow his too big hat when the sun got to be too much for my eyes.}

I gave blood again, per usual. I hated again, per the new usual.


That same day I left church (where I went to service and then gave blood) and headed out to the lake to go fishing with Jeff.


{Side note: it was freezing cold.}

Then I spent some time writing in Starbucks and drinking tea with my new friend Lauren!


I spent a lot of time cooking. A lot. I did a 7 day cleanse that made me realize that veganism is, well, not for me. But I made stir fry one afternoon.


And tomato basil soup another.


And then ate the best vegetable soup ever the whole next week.


Life is really good from where I’m standing. Really really good.


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