My cousin Scott just got married in Huntsville. Meaning we packed up and took the 7 hour trip over there to celebrate!

As soon as we got into town we checked into our hotel and found my Aunt Kristin and cousins Mason, Duncan, and Leigh Anne. Everyone flew in from Salt Lake City except for Mason who is a senior at Vanderbilt.


We all headed out to get an early bite to eat before the rehearsal party at Commerce Kitchen. The food was incredible. Mom and I split the following:

Pan Fried Goat Cheese Salad
almonds, cranberries, sherry vinaigrette

Fried Green Tomatoes
house hot sauce

Sweet Potato Fries

Plus I got to sit next to my mini me the whole time.


Afterwards we heard over to the rehearsal party to see the rest of the Bama, Louisiana, and Texas fam.

Here are the girl cousins from that side of the family:


And all the boys that were there:


Saturday morning we got up and after breakfast Mom, Dad, Daniel, and I headed to explore around Huntsville since it’d been quite a while since we’d been there. Then we made our way to do some shopping which meant I made my way to Anthropologie followed by a great lunch at Cantina Laredo.

The wedding was beautiful and was followed by an even more beautiful reception at Monte Sano Lodge.











After a nightcap of drambuie with the folks we headed to bed to get up early Sunday morning for breakfast at my uncle’s house, which looks out onto this view:


I always hate to say goodbye to my family. We never know how long it will be until we see one another again. But soon enough we turned the car back towards South Carolina, I with my new copy of the Great Gatsby and wedding favor in hand.



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