cooking pad thai.

Not long ago I promised my neighbor I’d start practicing recipes on him if he’d order the pizza when I failed miserably. The point was to start practicing new recipes. But then I convinced myself that I needed to practice them on myself before I tried them on someone else.

So this is how cooking for a man turned into cooking for myself. It doesn’t really make any sense, I know.

Today I stumbled on the easiest pad thai recipe I’d ever seen and I couldn’t resist the urge to see if it is, in fact, true. Does Martha Stewart always leave something out of her recipes so you can’t ever make it quite as good as she can? (Which, oddly, reminds me if this.)

So I hit Publix after work and bought ramen noodles for the first time in my 28 years while simultaneously having a conversation with my mom about whether all the peanut butter in my place has expired before deciding I just needed to spare the $3.65 and buy some more – extra crunchy.

And then I came home and made the easiest pad thai ever.

With extra sriracha.



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