bedroom inspiration.

I suffer from an eternal “nesting” syndrome I acquired from my mother. Meaning, I like to move furniture around. A lot. And I’m never quite satisfied by wherever it is currently.

This week I’ve worked on my kitchen and I’ve gotten it to where I really like it. So I’ve moved on to my bedroom. When you live in a 756 square foot apartment (you’d think I lived in a great big city or something) and you love antiques and pieces with a history (meaning: you can never turn your grandmother down when she offers you a piece of furniture your great grandfather made) you end up with a lot in a very little space. So I spend a lot of time rearranging things and trying to “fit” them better in the space I have.

Today, Reagan and I spent some time diagramming my bedroom to figure out where best to move my furniture. I am lucky enough to have a really awesome antique wooden couch that my grandmother gave me when I moved. However, I keep it in my bedroom. So sometimes it’s a slight struggle to work around it.

Here are some images I’m using as motivation when I get home, grab a beer, and get moving:


{All image credits can be found via Pinterest.}


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