an 80 degree january.

This weekend was everything I needed and more. I got to spend time with my family, my friends, and be a little bit lazy. What more can a girl want?

Friday evening I stayed at home watching Pretty Little Liars, reorganizing my kitchen, and going to bed early. I feel like categorizing that evening as “perfect” opens me up for a few judgmental stares but after having a migraine the previous evening I knew going out wasn’t an option.

I woke up Saturday morning to an in characteristic South Carolina January. Hot hot hot. Jon and I decided to head to the pool with our books so I took Wuthering Heights for quite a spin.


Tucker, Mary Beth, and Morgan came over and Tucker grilled shrimp for Mary Beth and me. It was delicious!


Sooner or later I had to head in and get ready for Katie’s wedding. I borrowed one of Mama’s dresses and put on some new jewelry and headed over to Katherine’s for a road trip up to Greenville with Erin and her. It was so much fun. As was Katie’s wedding.

She danced with gorillas – a family tradition.


And I got to see Reagan, who met us there – and brought me queso from El Matador to take back to Columbia. Do I have the best friend in the world or what?


It was a perfect night, followed by a perfect Sunday. I started off the morning by making pancake perfection and then finally learning how to conquer the elusive fishtail braid. Shortly thereafter Jon and I got together and watched the craziness that was the Falcons v. Seahawks before I headed over to Mom and Dad’s for dinner with them + Daniel. We had apps and beer out on the patio.


Then, Daddy cooked salmon on planks on the grill while Mom made orzo, brussels sprouts, and shrooms.

When I left home I headed straight to Mary Beth and Tucker’s for movie night. Django Unchained + chocolate cupcakes + my friends. This weekend was almost too good.


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