myrtle beach days.

Last week I headed to North Myrtle for Annual Conference with my coworkers. We arrived early Wednesday afternoon to kick off the long weekend.


That evening a group of us went out to the Aspen Grille for dinner. It was delicious. I found the restaurant on the SC Department of Agriculture’s Fresh on the Menu page.

The wine was especially good.


As was my grouper.

Market Fresh Fish
Cheddar grit cake, butter bean & corn succotash, lemon tarragon crème fraiche


Thursday morning I got up and went for a 3 mile run with a coworker before heading to the beach around 8 am to sit in the 30-something degree weather and enjoy the empty sand while listening to Jay Ungar and Molly Mason on pandora.


It was so peaceful.


Paula was staying in an ocean front room and snapped a picture of me out on the beach alone.


While in Myrtle, I had hotel breakfasts.


I rode the ag simulator.


Paula and I did some shopping and some dining.

We checked out a Mexican place for lunch we’d never been to before.


We ate at Joe’s Bar & Grill where the bartender forgot to put the key lime in my key lime pie martini.


But where I had the very best mussels.

Prince Edward Island Blue Mussels
sauteed and served with spicy Marinara sauce


I even stopped at Anthropologie on my way back to Columbia.


Myrtle Beach, I’ll never trash talk you.


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