saturdays are for football.

This past Saturday Reagan and I planned a big day full of football. I had to be in Columbia on Friday night so I headed out before 6 am on Saturday for Greenville. Once I got there I hopped in the car with Reagan and we drove over to Anderson to meet up with her dad and head over to Athens. It was beautiful and windy and we filled the morning with beer, pimento cheese, and a trip to the bookstore.

And also, a football game. Georgia v Georgia Tech had a noon kickoff and we were snuggled in our seats under a blanket and ready for the show.


Once we were certain it was going to be a blow out in Georgia’s favor, we hit the road to head back to South Carolina.


In the Georgia welcome center we changed from our red to our orange – face tattoos and all – to head to Clemson. We drove straight in to our parking spot and were on our way to meet our friends and my family to tailgate before the 7:15 kick.


It was a beautiful, fun day in my favorite place, despite the outcome of the game.



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