sweet things.

1. My brother’s 19 week old puppy is getting too big. I want to force feed her coffee and mary jane to get her to stop growing!


Is she not the absolute cutest thing in the entire world? Here she is with her daddy:


2. I’ve slowly been getting over a yucky cold but I didn’t want that to stop me from getting to spend the day in Clemson Saturday. I rode up with 3 of my good guy friends – Robert, Robert, and Charles – and had a great day with them watching Clemson beat NC State!


Look how beautiful this place is:


It was a gorgeous high scoring day.


3. When we got home we headed over to a friend’s house for his birthday party. My friends are c-razy.

There was a bonfire.


And wolf shirts.


And the most disgusting moonshine soaked cherries. No. Just no.

4. I started out Sunday going to a party with Mims where someone tried to set me up with a guy who – shocker – happened to be my first kiss. Columbia, you’re TOO SMALL!

Afterwards we went and finally saw Breaking Dawn part dos. I’ll spare everyone the commentary and just say I am now completely obsessed with this:

[Props to Hungry Meets Healthy who had me listening to the song before even seeing the movie when she posted it on her blog last week!]

Sunday evening was spent at Mary Beth and Tucker’s with the whole gang watching The Walking Dead. So good! I love my Sundays.

5. Last night I had one of the most fun girl’s nights ever with Ashley, Lauren, and Catherine. We dined on Whole Foods vegetable lasagna and salad + lots and lots of wine. It was so much fun Catherine and I even got our 2012 Christmas photo out of it.


I hope everyone is blessed with friends as wonderful as mine. I’m thankful every day for each of them.


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