the good, the bad, & the ugly.

This month has been an incredibly busy one and every day I am reminded how incredibly lucky I am to have such wonderful friends in my life who make me laugh daily.

Last Friday, sweet Laura came to visit and we enjoyed a night of wine and couch time. I love that dear girl so much and so enjoyed a night in with her as we rested up for our subsequent gamedays the next day!

Homecoming in Clemson was a beautiful November day that ended with a great big win over Maryland. Before the game, we walked over to Bowman Field to see the homecoming floats!


We swung by downtown on the way back to tailgate. I love Clemson any time of year but I especially love it in the fall. And on gamedays.


On Monday I headed down to Charleston to see Brittany and celebrate Ryan Gosling’s birthday (only half kidding). Brittany made us delicious pasta and I got to see her nursery-in-progress! So happy for my sweet friend!

The rest of the week that has followed has been a blur. It’s that time of year to test whether or not my flu shot worked and right now, I’m banking on it having been an epic fail. But, as is the Lavender nature, I try to ignore all impending sickness with the following remedies:

1. Hot and spicy foods.

Tuesday night I headed to my weekly pizza night with friends and took my Sriracha with me to combat Andy’s chipotle. And I brought some over to the dark side with me! A big win for Team Sriracha.


2. Running.

I, without fail, go on a run every time I’m sick. Mom always tells me to “sweat out the fever.” I don’t think it worked this time but never the less, Mims and I went on a good run last night in the cold and dark.

3. Hot beverages.

Last night I stopped by The Fresh Market on my way home from our run and finally got what I needed to make some apple cider.


After cooking dinner I made some apple cider to drink while I watched the season 1 finale of Homeland!


Today I’m back to my old faithful green tea and hoping no one else is feeling quite as lousy!



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