let’s play catch (up).

So much has been going on lately between Halloween (which I spent at Deceased Farm) and the election (which I spent judging all of my Facebook friends).

But there’s been so much good in it all, too.

I decided I really quite like apple cider + bourbon. Which is probably a problem. Considering that I’ve never liked apple cider before. Then again one must also consider I only like orange juice when spiked with champagne or vodka. Or even tequila. Moving on …

I’ve been reading a LOT lately. And hugely craving the styles of some of my favorite authors. I picked up (and subsequently devoured) the following books: The First Husband and The Divorce Party, both by Laura Dave; To Have and To Hold by Jane Green; and Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter and Yankee Doodle Dixie, both by Laura Patton. Now, on to the other 14 library books I have.

I read all of these while pretty much (and quite literally) waiting on my nails to dry.


Speaking of nails, Christmas cups are back at Starbucks!


While starting my day with Starbucks, the other night I made a killer twice baked potato using gomashio instead of salt. And then I made another killer discovery at Hungry Meet Healthy‘s recommendation.


This stuff, my friends, is incredible. Incredibly delicious.

After a week full of eating, I took my painted nails to my coworker (and friend) Michael’s wedding which was straight out of Southern Living as far as charm. Naturally that means I brought the immaturity. Here I am with two of my childhood best friends wearing our glow stick spectacles.


It’s good to be in South Carolina in the fall, y’all.


2 thoughts on “let’s play catch (up).

  1. Hi! Just came across your blog on LOVE it! For the books: LOVED The First Husband; Anything by Jane Green is amazing; Add Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin. Of course I have more thoughts…but now off look up the others you mentioned to see about reading! enjoy the other 14 and share what they are:)!

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