There are people you meet over the course of your lives that tend to stand out more than others. Faces that stay implanted in your mind long after they left the room or the tv screen.

Marcus Lattimore has become a fixture in South Caroline over the course of the past two years. Even more so, I will never forget the two characters known as his mom and step dad I met in what feels like another lifetime ago.

Saturday, at Carolina’s game against Tennessee, Marcus suffered “the hit heard round the country.” And I witnessed a display of sportsmanship I’d never before been privy to seeing live as Tennessee’s team (in tune with Carolina’s) came out to huddle around Marcus as he was being treated and subsequently carried off of the field. We sat awe-struck in our seats witnessing this moment, frozen in time.


I was lucky to be spending time at the game with Brittany and to see this season’s gamecocks on the field for the first time this season.


And now I’ll just continue to hope and pray Marcus Lattimore gets lucky too.



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