about my weekend.

After spending what has felt like the last two months out of town every weekend, I was really looking forward to a couple of days with zero travel. I had some new books stacked up, some movies from the library (Downton Abbey, too!) and an apartment desperately in need of a little tlc.

As Friday was winding down, though, and I started mentally jotting down all the things I had planned to get done after work (and calculating how much green tea I was going to need to drink to give me the proper amount of caffeine for the tasks at hand) Michael texted me. Somehow “planning on cleaning my apartment” doesn’t ever feel like an acceptable response when someone asks you what you’re doing on a Friday night. Don’t people understand what a good feeling it is to wake up on a Saturday morning to a freshly cleaned place? (Man I sound old.)

I agreed to not be such a bump on a log that evening and so, when I got home, I started doing as much as I could in the little bit of time I had. And then my friend Robert came over and put the newest Dexter on my Mac and I got distracted by it and then I got tired and I thought – if I don’t put on my cowboy boots and get out of this apartment right now I’m going to crash!

So I went up to Rosso to meet my old roommate Emily and a couple other girl friends for a martini before heading over to drink [a couple bottles of] wine with Michael and catch up (and make him watch The Human Centipede because I’m too terrified to watch it alone).

On Saturday I woke up bright and early and called home to wish my parents a happy 33rd anniversary. I asked my dad what he was going to do all day and he said “yard/house work” and I asked what mom was up to and he said “probably eating bon bons.” They’re too cute.


I met up with my friends Morgan and Mary Beth (and Mary Beth’s mom) around 9:30 in the morning and we headed to Main Street to Soda City Farmer’s Market. It was a perfectly chilly Saturday morning that warmed up in the sun. We snuck into Wine Down on Main mid-morning for coffee (for them) and pumpkin muffins (for all).


After our adventure I headed home and subsequently crashed on the couch for hours. I feel like I’ve been go go going and it all caught up with me. I put Gone Baby Gone on and crashed. I woke up early evening and Michael and I decided to make use of my VIP tickets and free drink passes for the Jam Room Music Festival on Main Street so we caught Justin Townes Earle before kickoff of the LSU v. Carolina game.


I was still so exhausted Saturday evening so I headed to bed as soon as the game was over only to wake up early on Sunday to head to New Zion (hey, no travel all weekend can be boring) for homecoming and to spend the afternoon with my grandmother in the country. We were walking out of church and she said to me: “There’s a cute, unmarried young man. He’s first cousins with Lee Brice, too!” I’ve gotta say … Nana has some good taste.

I also scored a lot of loot from her shed for my apartment. Now I’m trying to decide what I should do with it all and where I should put everything!


Sunday evening I finally got to cleaning and watching Downton Abbey. Just a couple of days behind schedule.


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