day by day.


I got home late Sunday evening and, in lieu of there not being any football games of interest (to me) on tv, my neighbor Jon and I elected to watch one of my recent library picks, Deliverance. I love banjo music, rivers, canoeing, and good acting. I didn’t love everything else.


Since kickball was cancelled once again (why must it rain every Monday?) Jon and I decided to head to the new Nickelodeon theater to see The Master. We swung by Starbucks on the way and then headed to Main Street. The acting was phenomenal but everything else was beyond weird.


I made an incredible discovery at lunch. Pumpkin spice soy chai tea (no water). So so good – and perhaps now my new fall staple.


After work I headed to bunko where I proceeded to lose. But I still sure do love bunko.


I transferred money into the wrong account, I went to the carwash but didn’t get my car washed, I went to the library and forgot to return the movie I had checked out, and I went to the grocery store and there weren’t any empty parking spaces.

Girl’s night couldn’t have come at a better time. We drank, we ate, and we played a whole lot of games. So much fun with Katherine, Kendall, Shirra, Katie, and Erin.


I’m ready for a Thursday to myself. (Fingers crossed.)


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