sarah’s bachelorette weekend!

There’s a lot to be said about time spent with people you have known quite literally your entire life. They bring up that embarrassing time right before you left for college. You bring up their exes they wish they’d never dated. And you laugh a lot.

My dear friend Sarah flew in from NYC this weekend for her bachelorette party in Isle of Palms. And Friday night was just that – a night spent with girl friends I have known forever. We sat on the rooftop under the stars, pizza and beer in our bellies, and talked of times long past and of today. Sarah, Mary Beth, Mary, Bryn, and me.

On Saturday we got up, had breakfast, and started gearing up for a morning on the beach. Naturally, mimosas were in order for Sarah and me.


We walked out on the beach for hours spent reading (and finishing my book) and napping.


Early afternoon we headed in and I got to watch Clemson whoop up on the Yellow Jackets! Ever since Georgia Tech beat us 10-9 on 2005 while I stood in Tech’s stadium in Atlanta I have not liked them. So I was a happy girl.

After the game everyone showered and dressed and we had Sarah’s lingerie shower before heading to Amen Street for dinner. I had the following:

Hot Shrimp and Crab Sandwich

grilled tomato, Charleston Bloomy-Rind cheese, lemon aioli

Afterwards we headed to Henry’s rooftop and eventually the dance floor. It was a fun girl’s night out in celebration of Sarah getting married in January!


Sunday morning we got up and headed back out to the beach, me with an Octoberfest in hand.


After saying my goodbyes I headed out around noon to meet Stephanie for a little shopping and some lunch before heading home. We are at Tabbuli on King and both got spicy pimento cheese sandwiches.


I’m exhausted.


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