fall beach weekend.

After work on Thursday I packed up and jumped in the car with some friends to head to Litchfield for Fall Beach Weekend 2012. I’d been looking forward to this weekend for months.

When we started nearing the coast we got the command that no one was to enter the house unless they were wearing a Piggly Wiggly tshirt. So we stopped at The Pig, purchased some shirts, and headed to the house. 17 of us spent the weekend together waking up to this view (and Tucker’s famous breakfast tacos on Friday morning to accompany it):


Between the hammock, the beach, and early afternoons on the porch in a rocking chair with a glass of wine, I was able to finish my book:


While the guys played beach volleyball literally all day long every day, the girls got a good bit of sun and catching up in. Typical beach activities with atypical friends.


We had easy keg access between the house and the beach and got scolded by the neighbors for making “whooping” noises past midnight.


We laughed a lot and ate a ton. Friday night, Charles made the best shrimp & grits I’ve ever tasted and Saturday night all of us dined together at Frank’s Outback where I enjoyed fried goat cheese, crab cakes, and red wine.


Sunday morning, in a detour back home to Columbia, we headed to Moose’s in Simpsonville for “the best barbeque in the world” where this pescetarian stuck with mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, and fried okra.

Diet this week anyone?


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