current favorites.

The Rockstar Diaries. Beyond the fact that I absolutely adore Taza’s style – both at home and fashion wise, think she and her husband are one of the cutest couples ever, and adore her photos, is the fact that I think her kids are two of the most adorable ones I’ve ever seen.

A Well Traveled Woman. The fact that she can wear jorts + flannel daily, her worldly knowledge, and her overall outlook are just a few reasons why I wish we were best friends sometimes.

Fantasy football. Because 2 weeks in I’m 2-0. Thank you, CJ Spiller.

Urban Outfitters. Because even when I don’t want to order from you, you seem to have exactly what I need.

Jon Krakauer. While Into the Wild, the film version, has long been an absolute favorite of mine, I finally got my hands on Krakauer’s tale and I find myself so at peace with it. I don’t know it it’s my slight familiarity with the readings that lead McCandless on his path or my own desire to wander, but Krakauer has me captured entirely.


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