the day i made a coffee table.

I have long had an affection for pieces with character, which explains the majority (if not every last one) of the piece other I own.

When it came to acquiring a coffee table for my new place, I weighed several options. Mom and I looked at Pottery Barn and some antique stores in Cowpens. My grandmother looked in her shed and offered me a piece her grandfather made that I thought to be much smaller than what I wanted (don’t worry – I’m getting it anyway for somewhere else).

Then, one day, I got it in my head that I could make a coffee table. One in the size I wanted and without too much difficulty.

I got a pallet and a piece of glass cut without much trouble at all. And then I let the pair of them sit in the middle of my den for an undetermined amount of time. That is until this past Sunday came.

My neighbors, Andrew and Andrea, and I headed to Lowe’s to pick up what I needed for my legs. I purchased 4 12″ pipes and 8 flanges. I ended up going back to Lowe’s on Monday for 12 3/4″ wood screws and a nice little argument with a Lowe’s employee who clearly looked at my skirt and decided I didn’t know a whole hell of a lot. (I’ve done my fair share of reading and, for that matter, hammering, sir.)

I spent most of Sunday watching Mark Wahlberg rock a ponytail and a flannel shirt (SWOON.) while subsequently sanding and staining my pallet with a dark wood stain leftover from a separate project Andrew and Andrea had already created across the street.


Last night when I got home from my kickball game I called up Andrew and he came over with his drill to help me screw the flanges into the base of the pallet. Then we screwed in the legs and viola! I have a coffee table.



One thought on “the day i made a coffee table.

  1. Very industrial/rustic-chic! Industriustic, maybe? Do you reupholster dining room chairs, too? I feel like such a wuss because that is daunting to me! 🙂

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