back where i come from.

There’s something about Clemson that will always feel like home to me. It’s the only place other than Columbia that I’ve ever lived and, while I only lived there for 4 years, I still find my heart smiles when I’m back there.

This weekend was the first home game of the football season. On my way up to the game I stopped to spend Friday night in Greenville with Reagan. I got to her place and jumped in her car and we headed to Sippin’ Safari at the Greenville Zoo. There was so much wine I couldn’t even dream of tasting it all. It was a fantastic event and a wonderful evening with my best friend.

On Saturday I got up and was scooped up by Will and Katie to head on over to Clemson. How can you not love this place?


It was a perfectly hot day spent with my three favorite guys and my sister in law. Plus I got to visit my favorite guys – Trey, Sims, Mitchum, Eric, and Craig – at their tailgate before heading home to Columbia. My blood sure does run orange.


One thought on “back where i come from.

  1. True story…I was reading this in Reader, and the right side of the picture got cut off, so right after I read “How can you not love this place?”, I saw that the stadium has giant letters reading “Clemson welcomes you to Death.”

    Which, honestly, made it seem pretty easy not to love:-) Scrolling cleared much of that up for me, though!

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