Saturday my sweet neighbors provided just the medicine I needed. They woke me up, threw me in the truck (almost quite literally) and we high tailed it to beautiful Charleston. We started the day with a tour of the Citadel. My first visit – made quite the educational one by being conducted by a Citadel grad/friend. Then, the group of us headed to Fleet Landing for some fried green tomatoes and (for this girl, anyway) a tilapia sandwich and fries.


I love exploring places I know so well. Treating cities I’ve been to like I’m a tourist. And that’s what Saturday felt like.


We decided to head towards the market and check out the new reno before heading towards the house. Holy changes! Once we’d crossed that off our list and gotten lost on side roads and in art galleries, we jumped back on the road for Isle of Palms. Beach/pool afternoon commenced.


There were a massive amount of surfers, not that I’m complaining.


And vodka. And also, of course, my book. To keep me entertained while the boys played cam jam and half rubber.


And then there was the sunset.


We left the beach and headed back to the house to swim in the pool and grill out before heading downtown. Once downtown it was college days again as I was carried out of Tommy Condon’s over Stephen’s shoulder when the group was ready to exit and I was hearing my 5th “favorite song.” What can I say? I like Irish music.

And I love my friends.


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