saturday with mama.

After a quiet Friday night spent having dinner with Brittany, I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed over to Mom and Dad’s.

As I was standing in the kitchen waiting on Mom to make me a fruit + spinach smoothie with her precious vitamix, Daniel rang the house. Dad answered and looked at me and said “why can’t y’all just leave us alone?” He loves us A LOT.

While Daniel and Dad went off to pick up this little angel …


… Mom and I headed on our own adventure.

First we went to the outlets in Gaffney where we managed to snag a couple cute Pottery Barn rugs for my new place + some. Then, after a short (and late) lunch to appease 1 vegetarian and 1 flexitarian, we drove straight through the country to Cowpens, South Carolina. I’ve never seen my mom act like she knows where she’s going behind the wheel of a car anywhere outside of Columbia until Saturday. We stopped in Cowpens at a couple of antique stores (one in which Mom was even recognized!) before paying a too short visit to my Great Aunt Sally and her daughter in Spartanburg.

Once we said our goodbyes, Mom drove us over to Converse to show me her college campus for the first time ever.



She pointed out each of her dorms, where she took classes, where she did her synchronized swimming, and where she graduated. It was so special and I loved every minute of it!


On our way home we drove by the house my grandparent’s built and lived in when Mom was in grammar school and THEN … drumroll please … we stopped by The Beacon for chocolate shakes.

Such a perfect Saturday with my mama.


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