things that brighten up my life.

1. Finally spending some time painting again for the first time in a couple of years. There is a line in The Notebook where Allie says to Noah, “I love to paint … Most of the time I have all these thoughts bouncing’ around in my head … but with a brush in my hand, the world just gets kinda quiet.” And that’s the way I feel, too.


2. I finally watched Tiny Furniture and, as was to be expected, I loved it. Lena Dunham has most definitely taken the reigns as my favorite director. This girl ain’t scared of ‘nothin. #respect

3. I have to say that my new favorite girl’s night activity might be our evenings by the pool. Yesterday after work I went on a quick 4 mile jog and by the time I finished the girls were almost at my place with their bathing suits and wine.


4. I can finally spill that my dear friend Brittany is expecting! I couldn’t be more excited! My friend Erin made this burp cloth for me to send to Brittany to celebrate her entering her second trimester! So unbelievably excited.


5. On Sunday, Daniel and I went to see the Titanic exhibit at the State Museum! I had so much fun. I love museums and I have always loved our State Museum. Beyond exploring the Titanic exhibit we also paid a visit to some of my favorite permanent exhibits. Daniel hasn’t been to the museum in years but I’ve been 3 times in the past year. Ridic, right? Here we all at the grand staircase on the Titanic. Daniel’s shirt proves the existence of time travel as this photo was supposedly taken in 1912.


We were also each given a passenger when we entered the exhibit and when we excited we got to find out whether they survived or not. I had second class passenger Mrs. Frederick Quick who survived along with her two daughters aged 2 and 8. What I found most fascinating was when I looked through a book in the Titanic shop at the end of the exhibit. I learned that Mrs. Quick’s youngest daughter eventually married and had 4 daughters of her own and then committed suicide. Her eldest daughter never spoke of the Titanic. Crazy, right?


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