grocery shoppin’.

My favorite things to call my big brother Will about are the following:

1. Directions while I’m en route to somewhere and lost/confused/never bothered to look them up before I left.

2. Alternative routes when I’m in bad traffic and foresight into how long traffic will be this way.

3. Quick! I’m out of gas! Where’s the closest gas station.

4. Something’s wrong with my car. Can you hear that sound? No? Okay it sounds like — cut to me trying to make a car sound.

5. I’m at the grocery store and can’t find what I want so I was wondering of you could tell me what aisle you think it’d be on.

One time a few years ago I had a flat tire and I put Will on speaker phone so he could “help” the guy changing my tire. Even though Will lives an hour and a half away. He’s just that good. And reliable.

Yesterday I was talking to him after work for a while before I realized he was in the grocery store and that he’d lost his wife in there somewhere. Before we hung up I started asking him if vegetable broth was an okay substitute for chicken broth and what aisle it would be on in my grocery store. He answered without hesitating and then hung up.

So when I made my way to the grocery store that was the first thing I found. Then I went in search of the quinoa. Which was the more difficult find.

When I got home, I got to cooking.

1 cup of quinoa + 2 cups of vegetable broth. Bring to a boil.


Then apparently I was supposed to bring the stove top to its lowest setting, cover, and let sit for 20 minutes. But I didn’t get the “lowest setting” and “cover” memo, so I let cook for 20 minutes and then added in some pepper jack cheese. It was okay but slightly tough.


Better luck next time? But hey, I guess I’ll never learn til I try.

Fortunately, my trip to Publix was not without some success. Why? Because I discovered THIS:



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