summer storms.

The heat here has been, in a word, unbearable. And thus, greatly affecting my runs. Monday afternoon I set out to run 5 miles in 107 degrees. The temperature got to my head and the only breeze I felt was pure hot air. It was miserable.

Afterwards, Pete and I grabbed supper since he was still in town from Chicago. We went to M.Vista where I got my favorite (predictable) Kung Pao Shrimp. I also got the bartender to reward me for running by fixing me a green tea mohito.


Tuesday, with the temps going down to the high 80s, I decided to run again and do a couple of hilly miles. When the temps go down during a South Carolina summer that can only mean one thing: a storm’s a comin’. After my run I got ready to meet some friends for supper. By the time I made it in to Pizza Joint I was soaked to the bone. It was a matter of about 15 to 20 minutes before the transformer outside blew and the power never cut back on – at least while I was there. But I was lucky enough to run into Shirra:


And get in an abbreviated, dark dinner hour with Mims (and friends):


And then I went and saw Magic Mike. I’ll rate it an F.


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