kiawah for the weekend.

You know how there are people who come into your life later in life and you wonder where they’ve been all along? That’s how I feel about Brittany. We went to rival high schools so I’ve known “of” her for 10 years, but we didn’t become close friends until last year. And I am so very thankful for that.

This past weekend we planned a weekend down in Kiawah! It was perfect timing – right after completing my big annual fundraiser. I shimmied down to West Ashley after work Friday to hop in the car with Brittany so we could head to the island.

As soon as we got there we hopped on our bikes to go get some ice cream. The weather was absolutely perfect!

When we got back, Brittany started fixing us quinoa for dinner – and taught me how to do it! I’m super excited to start incorporating quinoa into recipes. She fixed quinoa + jalapeños + pecans + peaches. Delicious!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Town Center for breakfast. Delicious!


Then we went out to Freshfields to walk around before we put on our bathing suits! When we did, we went to the Ocean Club to get some sun.


And a daiquiri, of course.


After a little while we headed to Tides to grab a quick waterfront lunch. I had a brie and walnut quesadilla. It was amazing.


We went back to the pool for a little while and I finally started my new book, Erik Larson’s Devil in the White City.


I’m really excited about reading it! Saturday night we went back out to Freshfields to pick up a couple of things for supper and when we got back to the house, Brittany fixed us pepper jack cheese quinoa. Quinoa may officially be my new favorite thing. We also had popsicles.


I love key lime pie so so much.

I had such a lovely weekend with Brittany. It was relaxing, fun, and spent with one of my best friends – and her pug Raleigh, too.


Couldn’t have been better.


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