sunday in the kitch.

I woke up this morning to a clean house after a full day by the pool yesterday for a friend’s birthday party. Sunday has long been my favorite day of the week and waking up on a Sunday morning having done nothing but drink water and sit by the pool all day long the previous day made this Sunday even better.

Not to mention Federer was on the tennis court before I even woke up.

I got up and went straight to the kitchen. I’ve had about 5 South Carolina peaches I brought home from the office this past week that I needed to put to use so I started out my morning by whipping up a peach cobbler.


I took an early nap and woke up when Cristen opened my apartment door. We headed to the pool for an hour or so to catch up and cool off. When I got back home I showered and sat on the couch with a handful of cookbooks to figure out what to do about supper.

And here’s what I came up with:


This was my first time cooking ahi tuna and it was so stinkin good. I cooked it using extra virgin olive oil and used Buster’s Rub with it. It was perfection. I ate it along with some avocado and a side of Trader Joe’s organic shells and white cheddar mac and cheese that I cooked using almond milk.

And of course I had a glass of red wine, too.


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