You know how great it is to just be filled to the brim with excitement when your friends are happy? I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately and it’s an incredible feeling.

Last weekend we celebrated what felt like the long awaited nuptials of two of my best friends. And it just happened to be the hottest weekend in Columbia … ever.

Friday we had a wonderful bridal luncheon followed by a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Here I am with the beautiful bride:


That night we had a sleepover with Ashley. Saturday morning we got up – all smiles – and headed out to pretty ourselves up getting our hair and makeup done and to the church for mimosas! I cannot wait until the official pictures come out. It was, undoubtedly, the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.

Me with the bride and groom:


With the beautiful bride, Ashley:


With my wifey, Catherine:


One of my best friends and the bride’s cousin, Cristen:


With Jess, Cat, and Laur:


And, of course, my reaction to the first dance:


I am so excited for Ashley and Chris. I would never have guessed that 3 years ago, when we met on a double date, that they would become two of my best friends. Or that I would catch the bouquet at their wedding and the groomsman who introduced them to me on that double date would catch the garter.

You’re funny, God.


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