one coldplay minute.

This girl and I took Atlanta by storm last night.


We met up at the Omni and checked in to this view.


Next up we hit Dantanna’s and by far the best fish taco I have ever had.


Afterwards we headed to the arena and grabbed some daquiris before the concert started.


The show was INCREDIBLE. It started off with a band called Wolfgang, followed by Robyn, and then Coldplay took the stage.


Holy Chris Martin were our seats incredible.


The event itself felt like one amazing light show.


Afterwards, we headed to our hotel bar for several glasses of pinot grigio that were $16 a piece. And then, in pure Reagan and Kristin fashion, we made our way to Taco Mac (with our wine glasses), evaded a police officer and some “do not enter” areas, and got our hands on queso and mozzarella sticks.


Perfect night with my biffle to say the least. A night full of debauchery, tears, laughter, matchmaking, and a hell of a show by Coldplay.


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