dance with me, future husband.

{inspired by Peter.}

Dear future husband,

You make me nervous.

Yeah, you do. So I’m going to start out slow. Bear with me?

You’re always going to make me nervous.

Not in that “I’m so nervous about how he’s going to react to the price tag on my new dress” kind of way but more so in that “I’m so nervous about what he’s going to think of me in it” way.

Because I have a crush on you.

And that’s how it’s always going to be.

You and me. Always crushing on one another. Forever. You know?

My crush on you makes me silly and it makes me smile.

It makes me sit and daydream. Like a school girl doodling my name + yours.

My crush on you makes me daydream of things I want to do with you.

I want to dance in the kitchen to Tom Waits’ Picture in a Frame with you.

And kiss you against the wall when you get home from the office.

I want to laugh with you in the mornings before we get out of bed.

And when we have extra time before work, take showers together.

I want to go to museums together. And festivals.

And disappear for the weekend to the mountains or the beach, to the middle of nowhere. Together.

I want us to always have adventures. Every day.

Because there’s one thing you can be sure of.

I will love you.

I will love you in the morning.

And in the afternoon.

And in the in between times, when your beard is only a 5 o’clock shadow.

Especially then.




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