in a nutshell.

This weekend started with some wine at home with Emily, who came over with a bottle of champagne in hand. We left my place to go to Cafe Caturra where we split a bottle of Sass and some goat cheese crostinis. Emily dined on pizza and I on crab wraps and our conversation never lacked. I guess that’s what happens when you have a night out with your old roommate of over 4 years.


After dinner, we headed to Za’s for a glass of wine, shot of fireball, and more laughter.


Saturday morning I headed to the pool early with my friend Cristen and her two roommates from Spain. My friends Clint and Ryan soon joined us in our adventures of sun and PBR.


Saturday night a huge group of us went out to dinner at Cantina and watched the baseball game there and at Henry’s before I headed home for “sleep” but didn’t actually sleep at all. Sunday morning I skipped church to make up for a restless night but found myself still up rather early for a bowl of kashi and almond milk on the porch.


I headed to Mom and Dad’s around noon and mom fixed me a tasty smoothie for lunch.


I spent the afternoon with Mom, Dad, their lab Molly, and my brother and sister-in-law’s dog Jane. When Will and Katie showed up, we popped open mimosas and mixed beverages and awaited the arrival of the grandparents and Daniel.


Mom and Dad fixed a delicious Father’s Day cookout for all of us. Burgers for all and portobello burgers for Mom and I. We celebrated Father’s Day, Will and Katie’s 3 year anniversary, and Will’s 31st birthday!


I am so blessed with a wonderful family and a wonderful way to end the weekend.


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