and then i said yes.

Saturday night, after a day spent on a horrible “long” run and sitting by the pool, I met up with my brother and the guys for supper at Cantina and I, not so surprisingly, got enthralled in the USC baseball game. Hey, Roth in baseball pants just has a tendency to be too much for me to turn away from.

While all 6 of the guys at the table were turned towards the Celtics/Heat game, I was turned to the baseball game. We headed to Ale House to join the super fun crowd there and catch the rest of the¬†Celtics game, much to my “I’m so exhausted I want to go home” dismay.

After the Celtics lost and Justin shred his jersey (such a fair weather fan – I kid) he tossed it over my head and, drumroll please … proposed.

Apparently my brother is highly entertained by this.

Don’t worry, everyone. We’re gonna wait at least another 5 years to see if I can finally reel in Ryan Gosling either of us meets anyone better. I’m not so sure we want this to be our engagement picture:


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