Today started off with some reading, a doctor’s appointment, and then a trip to Starbucks for a chai latte. It hadn’t started raining yet and was turning out to be a pretty decent Columbia day.

After work and after having a telephone conversation with every member of my immediate family, I headed to Cafe Caturra for girl’s night. It was there we spotted RYAN GOSLING’S SOUTH CAROLINA TWIN. (Katie had already given me the heads up that he bartended there. I have no shame.)

Girl’s night was great. I’m extremely blessed to have such wonderful girl friends in Columbia. Something it felt like growing up was so difficult to find.

Tonight at dinner I had the margherita pizza:


A wisp of sauce, sliced tomatoes, creamy fresh mozzarella di bufala, basil & extra virgin olive oil


So good. And I already know what I’m planning to get on my next trip to Cafe Caturra.

I ended my night with a bath, a new book, and Van Morrison on pandora. Happy Wednesday indeed.


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