what a difference a year makes.

Last week, Mom and I attended an annual get together at the home of a friend of ours. I remember the same event last year. It, too, was during the NBA Playoffs. Mom and I got to talking about the positive changes that have come over the course of the past year and it filled me, unexpectedly, with gratitude.

After the get together, Mom and I headed to World of Beer to meet up with Dad, Daniel, and Will, who was in town briefly for work. We had a good time drinking beer and eating pimento cheese dip that Wild Hare brought over to us.

I had a similar conversation with a girl friend on Saturday night about gratitude. She had recently commented to me about how much she’s enjoyed seeing more of me. I admitted to her that it wasn’t coincidental and that I’ve been striving lately to spend time with good friends who lift me up rather than running on a hamster wheel to catch up with those who seemingly only bring me down.

To add to our wine and cheese night, one of the couples brought over the makings for sangria. They used fresh fruit, white wine, and Sprite zero. (My first “soda” of the year!)

It was a nice night out in the backyard with good friends and lots of laughs. I’m so thankful for nights like that, for good friends, for a loving family, and for Advil.


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