what i’ve been up to lately.

1. This week, I returned to the West Columbia side of the riverwalk for the first time in a while for lunch with Smith. I took some of my leftover pasta and met him at a picnic bench with this as our view:

After we finished eating, we moved closer to ther river. How can anyone ever say Columbia isn’t pretty?

It’s also famously hot.

2. Last night I went out to Mom and Dad’s house and hung out with them. Mom and I swang on the swing set and drank wine. This was really good:

Dad informed me it was incredibly inexpensive (think $4.99) and Mom informed me Dad buys most of his wines at Costco. Obviously I’m a cheap date.

3. This morning, I finished Chasing Fire and then I started on Mockingjay immediately after. I am eagerly anticipating getting back to Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I’ve been all up on Thought Catalog lately with Laura reading this and this and this and this. Yeah, that’s a lot.

4. This afternoon I tweeted Chick-fil-A about the return of their peach milkshake … and THEY TWEETED ME BACK:

5. I’ve been following this advice:

A few years ago:



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