on hope.

I’ve been obsessed with Martina McBride and Train’s song Marry Me lately. It sort of snuck up on me, honestly. I’ve known the song, but this week it’s like I can’t listen to anything else. And it gets to me.

I started trying to find a good video of it. But other than the CMA performance, I couldn’t find one. But I did stumble across this:

Kristian Anderson died not that long after a 2 year battle with cancer.  Kristian’s widow described him as passionate, romantic, impulsive, and generous.

Sometimes I feel like I set all these goals. Not incredibly far reaching ones, just small things I’d like to do. Like finish a book by the end of the week. Or maybe start studying Italian again. But how real do we make goals like invoking more passion into our lives, being more romantic (is that even possible when you’re single?), acting on impulse (the non-self destructive kind) more frequently, and showing more generosity?

I find myself failing at even the smallest immeasurable goals. But I continue to set them for myself. Because you’ve got to have goals, right? I’ll continue trying to surround myself around only those who lift me up, who want to spend their time with me, who want what’s best for me. I’ll continue trying to better myself, to be a more positive person and a more encouraging friend. I’ll continue to be hopeful for myself and for my future no matter how many times I run into that invisible fence. Because one day, some day, I want someone to describe me the way Kristian Anderson’s wife did. One day, some day, I want to love like Kristian Anderson did.

We all have to have something to hope for.


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