state farmer’s market.

Pete informed me the other day that I needed to make Kale and Walnut Pasta for dinner one night this week. It’s described as being similar in consistency, I assume, to pesto pasta. Which I LOVE. So Monday night, I set out for Publix after my run to acquire the necessary ingredients. I looked aimlessly around the veggie section for kale only to eventually have to ask someone to learn that they were sold out of kale. (I also could never locate the almond or soy milk. Grocery trip fail.)

As an alternative, I asked my boss to take me out to the SC Farmer’s Market and show me around. I’d been to Judy’s at the Market and to the seed testing/lab area and conference center on multiple occasions, but I’d never been around the market. (I hate admitting that.)

We headed over to the local trucks and picked up a box of kale before going to Servert & Sons Produce for some green peanuts, corn, and Edisto blueberries. The first thing I saw from the loading dock was Cheerwine!

We went into the brightly colored cooler and I was so entertained. You can buy an ENTIRE box of cucumbers for just $8! I might start my own food service business and sell that stuff for a buck a piece at work and make some profit (or, er – gas money).

I wanted everything in there. I also discovered something called cactus pads. Why I would want a box of them, I have no idea. But I found some recipes online just in case someone happens to GIVE me cactus pads to cook with.

“I love to be at the grocery store. It makes me happy to have a full fridge and a full pantry.” – Carrie Underwood.


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