After work yesterday, Ashley and I headed over to the Riverwalk to work on some more interval training. I haven’t been to the Riverwalk a ton since my temporary residence while training for the Half but I love running there and the weather yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect.

People say Columbia isn’t pretty but just LOOK at this:

To the haters, I say you just don’t know where to go in this city.

Once we left the river, we headed over to the State House to run the steps. I haven’t done this in a few years and I remembered it as having been embarrassingly difficult. So much so, that it took me a couple of years to agree to re-attempt them and also, we did the back side of the State House then. I clearly didn’t want anyone to bear witness. But yesterday I followed Ashley’s lead and we parked and headed up there.

Prettiest State House ever, right? Much to my THRILL, running the steps wasn’t NEARLY as hard as I recalled. I dreaded the lunges that followed far more. And it’s definitely the lunges that I can feel today. I love it when a workout makes you hurt in the days that follow!


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