life highlights.

1. My Aunt Kristin and 2 out of 4 of my cousins are in town from Utah this week during their spring break. Leigh Anne, the youngest, is 9 and she and Aunt Kristin flew in last summer for a short trip but Duncan, who is 15, hasn’t been here in 2 years. So, needless to say, family time is key this week and running time has definitely been on the backburner. Are my cousins the cutest things or WHAT?

2. I don’t watch American Idol. But when I’m at Mom and Dad’s house, I don’t have a choice. So I’ve at least gotten a short viewing each of the last few weeks. Last night, though, I fell in love. Move over Michael Roth, hellooooooooo Phillip Phillips. I can’t stop listening to this song on repeat:

3. Today is National Grilled Cheese Day! HALLELUJAH to the one thing I celebrate EVERY DAY! God bless you, grilled cheese.

{Today’s taste brought to you by Panera.}


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