drifting by.

I’m pretty decent (and strict) about wedding attire. High noon and 6 pm are formal. Men need be in tuxes or starched white button downs with dark suits. The definition of a cocktail dress is pretty specific in my mind and can’t be stretched.

So at 27 I’m experiencing a first. A 6:30 Friday night wedding. Where I’m someone’s wedding date. And my go-to dress is what I wore the last time I was his wedding date. So that’s out.

Today, I came across this:

I thought to myself that I have a dress in a similar color and began to wonder if I could snazz it up with gold accents. (For casual events, I love how the Drifting by Dress is styled from the original Anthropologie spread.)

The last time I wore this dress it was to a 10 am November wedding and I wore the Anthropologie Kirklees Sweater Coat and the purple following shoes:

(Side note: this bride is a bride after my own heart in her favorite boots.)

So, my dilemma is such: purple shoes? gold shoes? gold accents? different dress? Somebody help me; I’m fried.


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