perfect tuesday.

Last night I had my standing weekly date night with Mom, which I’ve become quite demanding about. Dad was attending some law school event he’d wanted Mom to go with him to but I fought the good fight … and won.

I came home to their house after work and Mom and I hopped in the car and headed straight to Ulta. We’d been talking about this for a week and knew our coupons had to be used within a certain 7 day period.

We walked into Ulta and immediately grabbed 2 of these (one in hot pink and one in light pink):

I also picked up some Tarte Dark Circle Defense because I’m apparently OLD and not sleeping well and therefore have dark circles under my eyes. Meanwhile Mom got some of my favorite nail polish – Essie’s Mod Squad – and some new lip color.

Afterwards, we headed over to get a quick supper at Miyo’s, home of Mom’s and my favorite meal. We sat down and, without looking at the menu, ordered the Kung Pao Shrimp to split. Mom also ordered us some of the garlic green beans and HOLY GOODNESS. If you have not had these, don’t even blink again before you do. I looked at Mom and told her I now know where the best broccoli is in town (Outback) and the best green beans. Perfection.

We opened up our fortune cookies afterwards, naturally. I’m taking mine as a hint.

On the way home we stopped by my grandparents’ house to see my Aunt Kristin and a couple of my cousins who are in town for the week from Utah. Can’t get enough of them. What a perfect Tuesday.


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