thursday feels like friday.

I rarely get a 3 day weekend because my office doesn’t celebrate Confederate Memorial Day or MLK Day or any of those other bogus government holidays that my old roommate used to get and make me insanely jealous of. So the few I get a year I get SUPER excited about. And this past weekend was one of them.

Mom was out of town for most of the week/weekend and seated about 5 yards away from Venus Williams’ ginormous serve while in Daniel Island at Family Circle. So, Thursday night Dad and I made plans to have dinner. I hit the gym first and ran 3 miles on the treadmill and the reason this is “write home about-able” is because it was by far the EASIEST run I have had in a while and undoubtedly the easiest run on a treadmill I have ever had. I’m going to attribute that to the fact that I landed a treadmill that seemed to be under a vent. Easy BREEZY.

Afterwards (and after a shower) I headed to Cafe Caturra to meet Dad, who arrived about 20 minutes late from the office. He told me to go ahead and order a bottle of wine so I asked him for recommendations. He requested a Pinot Noir from Oregon. So I ordered a bottle of Sass. (Dad loves anything from the Willamette Valley.)

A man (I suppose from behind the bar) brought over the already uncorked bottle of wine and placed it on the table. Then he looked at me and said “How many glasses do you need? Two?” He turned around and brought two glasses and placed them on the table and left. I sat there for a minute looking at it and then took the hint that I was supposed to pour the wine myself and that the uncorked bottle in front of me was, in fact, mine. When Dad showed up and I filled him in he had LOTS of thoughts. Daddy likes to see his cork.

As an appetizer, Dad and I ordered a cheese spread to share.

White Cheddar Pimento

Smoked paprika, parsley

The white cheddar pimento was oddly enough not white. And there is no way paprika created that color. So I don’t really know what that stuff was but it was good.

For dinner, I ordered the shrimp tacos.

Jerk Shrimp Tacos

Lizano slaw, guacamole, cilantro, lime

They were really good and just the right amount of food. They came with my choice of side and so I went with a salad and was able to choose from one of the salads on the menu. I went with the one I’d already been eyeing.

Arugula & Goat Cheese

Roasted pecans, dried blueberries, paprika, red wine vinaigrette

It was awesome and made me want to start using dried blueberries in the salads I make at home.

All in all the food was wonderful, the service was great, but the decision to not uncork wine at the tables is really odd to me. It was also super loud in there so it might be the #1 place to breakup with a girl. Which means I’m likely going to avoid it like the plague or sit at the bar daily to see what I can witness.

Once Dad and I left I headed over to Catherine’s for more wine and porch sitting with her and Whitney. I ended up staying the night at Catherine’s that night. She gave me the following shirt to wear:

I also woke up in the middle of the night and whipped one of my legs out from under the covers because I was hot. Then something licked one of my toes and I almost died before I realized it was one of her cats.

I don’t like cats.


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