happy easter sunday!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend Easter with my 5 favorite people. We started off with early service then went to Sunday School and lunch at the club. We had mimosas (with a cherry) at the bar to start.

And a view.

I ate the following (AND MORE): fried green tomatoes, crab stuffed tilapia, a cheese biscuit, stawberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberries, crab, tomato & spinach quiche, collards, roasted red potatoes, and chocolate meringue pie.

YES, I HAD CHOCOLATE. This year marks the first lenten season that I have SUCCESSFULLY given up anything. I gave up sweets with the distinct purpose of not eating any chocolate. Because it had become an addiction. So, needless to say, chocolate never tasted as good as it did yesterday.

Fortunately we had a family picture taken before we ate, which kept Mom from insiting on our post-lunch Easter photo shoot. Hello, family!

I fell asleep in a chair on Mom and Dad’s porch afterwards. Pretty sure I was sleepily disoriented for the remainder of the day. Something that has quite obviously carried over into today.


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