all my favorite places.

Friday morning I woke up and headed to pick up a bagel from Panera and a chai tea from Starbucks before going out to run some errands across town. By errands I mean I bought Dad a new shirt, tried on some jewelry for Mom, bought a couple of new nail polish colors, and then met Dad for lunch. By the time I finished all of that, Reagan was in town. I hadn’t seen my crazy biffle since January so we had a lot to take care of.

We got dressed and headed out to dinner with Drew at @116. I’ve been lucky enough to see Drew once a week for the past few weeks but Reagan hasn’t been so blessed so we were really looking forward to a night out together. We ordered a bottle of wine to start us out.

For an appetizer, we ordered the goat cheese dip. The last time I had it I wanted to lick the plate. This time was no different.

Goat Cheese Dip

Warm and Creamy Blend French Goat Cheese, Fresh Garlic, and Roasted Red Pepper

I had been craving pizza lately so for supper, that’s what I ordered. The pizza at @116 is insanely thin so it’s a pretty light pizza and perfect for a Friday night out. I ordered it with goat cheese and bell peppers on top. So naturally … it was perfection.

We sat at @116 for a long while before finally deciding to head on over to Goatfeathers for more wine and conversation. I love the ambiance of Goatfeathers. And after two more glasses of wine, I loved it even more. My good friend Michael came and met us over there and the 4 of us ended up heading over to Bar None. Bar None is my favorite bar. Ever. It is also a black hole. I recall one time walking out of there and saying out loud “Where is all that light coming from?” It was the sunrise.

A guy walked over to me and asked if he could lean across me at the bar to get a napkin. I didn’t realize that there was a much more accessible stack directly in front of him until after he spoke.

Guy: Has anyone ever told you that you look like Lindsay Lohan?

Me: Has anyone ever told you that you’re an asshole?

Guy: Have you ever seen Machete?

Me: Could you kindly go away?

I now know why that girl got upset when I told her she looked identical to Janeane Garofalo.

At some point Reagan looked over at me and said “Kris, do you know what time it is?” I told her sometime after 2 am.” “No. It’s 3:30 am.” Yowzers. We promptly left and went home but were oddly still wired. Bar None must pump something through their air vents.


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