my kind of date night.

Last night Mom and I had dinner at Solstice. My weekly date night with Mom (and sometimes Dad too) has become, by far, my favorite night of the week. I drove to their house after work last night and Mom and I piled in the car and drove up to Solstice to sit out on the patio.

We decided to share what we ate for dinner. First we ordered a bottle of the Malbec special. It was an Argentinian Malbec and very light, which went perfect with our supper.

For our meal, we first ordered the calamari, which was exactly what I had been craving all day.

Crispy Rice Fried Calamari

Mango, cucumber, wasabi pickled onion, toasted almonds, orange-ginger soy syrup

It was without a doubt the best calamari I can recall having had. And the mango and cucumber bites on the side were so tasty.

Next up, we split a salad. You can pay a couple of extra dinero to have them split the salad for you, which was what we opted to do.

Mixed Green Salad

Strawberries, blue cheese, candied pecans, shaved onions, citrus herb vinaigrette

I’m not a big fan of blue cheese, certainly not of the dressing, but Mom convinced me to go with it and that it was all about the “pairing” and she was right.

As a side, we also split the mac & cheese, described by Solstice as “our famous smoked gouda-bacon mac n cheese.” Yes, I had bacon. Or really I had gouda, penne noodles, and then left a hunk of bacon on my plate. The mac & cheese was delicious but I never need to eat it again. It was very heavy and greatly contrasted to our other dishes. But I had wanted to try it once, so I can cross that one off of my list.

Afterwards, one of my best guy friends was trying to get me to come out and texted me to ask where I was.

R: “Where u be?”

Me: “Lowes.”

R: “For what.”

Me: “A plant.”

Because that’s what two women do when they’re out on a Tuesday night and have just consumed a bottle of wine. They go buy a plant.

When Mom and I got home we proceeded to raid her closet in search of dresses she’d never worn before and dresses I could borrow. Amazingly, the only dress I came out of her closet with was my own Lily dress. Funny when that happens. Being the same size as your mom can have its perks – and its crimes.


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