turquoise & purple.

This weekend was one that had felt long overdue. It was one in which I did a lot, but also a lot of nothing. Friday night I enjoyed a night in at a friend’s house with snack food and conversation galore. Saturday included girl time, errands, napping, oysters with Mom and Dad, and basketball with guy friends.

Which led me to Sunday. Sunday I helped host the first wedding shower for my dear friend Ashley whose wedding is this summer. Ashley and I met on a double date where her date was her now fiance and my date was one of his best friends.

I decided to try a new dip for the shower. My good friend Erin recommended a trusty spinach dip recipe and a bread bowl. I MADE MY FIRST BREAD BOWL. I realize this isn’t rocket science, but it’s pure excitement for me.

The shower was thrown out in Lexington and along with my spinach dip and angel food cake, I made more pom poms! Ashley’s bridesmaid dresses are dark purple so I stuck with that color and decided to add in turquoise as well. I thought they turned out really fun for the party.

How good does that food look? So good.

I must’ve totally been feeling the turquoise and purple this weekend, as I wore this to the club Saturday night. Yesiree my pants matched my toes.

Onward with another busy week!


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