i went fishing!

Last night my friend Jeff looked at me and said “You’re a bit of a tomboy, Lavender.” Hey, I’ve got two older brothers and I’ve grown up playing sports (and barbie and dress-up) my whole life. But sports-wise there’s not much I haven’t played and outdoors-wise there’s not much I haven’t wanted to try.

Fishing’s one of those things. I grew up around the lake and I’ve been fishing, but it’s not one of those things I get to do a whole lot of for lack of opportunity. So when Jeff said he’d take me any time I promptly responded with “when?” And so we made a plan to meet out on Lake Murray last night and hit the water.

About 20 yards off of the dock, still in sight of his condo, we threw out a couple lines and before Jeff could even say “here’s our plan” one of the lines started pulling. And out we pulled a 24 incher. In under 10 minutes. And that pretty much set the course for our night.

Here are a couple I caught!

And my big 21 incher:

I had a BLAST. I think I would be perfectly happy to sit on a boat every single night of the week and do what we did last night. So if anyone ever wants to take me fishing or hunting or hiking or camping any time ever, you’ll see me at my absolute happiest.

BEHOLD, last night’s sunset:

I took this picture right before I caught a huge fish in front of another boat. And then that boat rode off into the sunset disgruntled.

And here is where I would some day like to live (no biggie):

Afterwards, we headed back towards Lexington in search of some fish tacos at a taco shanty Jeff recommended. In-cre-di-ble. This place had authentic fish and shrimp tacos and a nice Pacifico to wash them down with.

Kind of makes living in South Carolina seem a bit like heaven.


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