the other klav.

Tuesday evening I had dinner with my parents at Rosso (which has slowly become one of my favorite restaurants), fell in love with a stranger there (for serious), and then made plans to hang out with my parents the following night (because they’re awesome).

Our plan for Wednesday evening was to watch Kristin Lavransdatter, the film version of the movie that my grandmother got my Aunt Kristin’s name from. My grandmother LOVES the book by Sigrid Undset. But my Aunt Kristin and I can’t seem to get through it. So when I found the movie available on netflix I HAD to get it. (And HAD to get it shipped from Norway, no lie.)

So I headed to the Riverwalk after work yesterday and ran sprints. Yes, you read that right. SPRINTS. Which really consists of the following:

4 minutes of me running slower than ever before.

1 minute of me “sprinting” (aka running at my regular speed).

Repeat 4 times.

Then I went out to Mom and Dad’s to complain to someone about my run face-to-face. Because I did not find that run funny. But when I got home, Mom had made this beauty!

That woman LOVES color. And God bless her for that. After supper and walking in the yard for a while, we settled down for 3 hours of Kristin Lavransdatter. And let me tell you, it was quite fascinating. I had the following revelation while watching said film:

27 years later I finally find out what the hell the book my grandmother read 5 times and loved so much she named her daughter after was about. 27 years later I now know who the girl was that destined my name be spelled wrong by every barista in the entire world. And that girl is a whore.


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