beer me.

A little over a week ago when we were in Atlanta post-race, I had my first beer of 2012. And I, not one to ignore an opportunity to try a new beer at somewhere ripe with variety, told the server that I’m a big fan of Allagash White, which I know they have there. And that I wanted something similar.

She gave me a cider.

On what planet does someone think Allagash White tastes like a Woodchuck-like drink?

Last night pre-kickball we stopped by Tin Roof for a beer. The weather was perfect. I’d just finished running a couple of miles and it was still sunny outside. It’s days like yesterday that I love.

Post-kickball, post-BIG WIN, and post-“I scored a run without even kicking the ball”, we headed back out for a bite to eat. Things I’ve learned about kickball: everyone wants cheap wings afterwards. Except I don’t eat wings. Nor do I eat meat. And that’s what good bar food consists of. So I ordered a grilled cheese + tomato on wheat with a baked potato and a water. And despite the fact that I consciously want to kick my cheese obsession (or at least limit it greatly) I can’t seem to do it.

My brother, his roommate, and I left dinner and headed next door to World of Beer afterwards for one drink before we went home. I told the bartender, “I want something different. And I like Allagash White. What have you got?” Perhaps to my luck, my brother was the one that answered, not the bartender.

Behold: a new – and local! – favorite. Westbrook White Thai.

And that’s my recommendation for today.


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