eyes & ears.

What I’m reading:

This post on your first heartbreak by Thought Catalog is really good.

The Singleship talk about dating. I can’t count how many friends I sent this post to today. I so get it. I really do.

The Hunger Games, which I fell asleep reading Chapter 1 of during lunch today. Wait, are there even chapters? I’m not even that far.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Which I will finish. Sooner rather than later.

What I’m watching:

Felicity. Which I restarted the moment Brittany told me she started it for the very first time. Which I’m on Season 4 of even though she’s still on Season 2.

GCB. “Only one man does magic and He’s from Jerusalem, not Hogwarts!” Seriously. This show is hilar.

Forks Over Knives. Over and over again.

What I’m listening to:

Zac Brown Band. Taking Free back and making it mine again. And after Friday night how can I not be?

Eminem’s WTP. What is my obsession with him? Or with this song? I can’t turn it off nor can I deny it. I’ve always had a little crush on Mr. Mathers.

Country country country country. Country. Last night I decided Clay Walker’s She Won’t Be Lonely Long was exactly what I needed to hear, like country music songs often are.

And – today’s ode to PeteStars by Fun. Dance dance dance: that’s what this makes me wanna do.


One thought on “eyes & ears.

  1. 1. You should definitely go see the movie then read the books. I read 2 chapters in the bath tub tonight (TMI, much?) and I found them much easier to read.

    2. You KNOW I am still at the same place in Felicity. Ugh, WTF?

    3. I love country music. And especially have been loving Free & Can’t You See. Thank you Zac Brown Band.

    4. Even though Lee Brice was looking a little healthy on the Today Show, I still think he’s sexy when he sings.

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