the best kind of dinner party.

Last night was the first night I’ve had free in what seems like far too long. I’d looked forward to going home, cleaning, doing laundry, and tucking in early. But when I got invited to a cheese & wine happy hour with my parents followed by an inpromptu dinner party at the home of some of my good friends I, of course, accepted.

When I got over to Mary Beth and Tucker’s house, Mary Beth poured the wine, Tucker was busy preparing blueberry cobbler, and Tucker’s sister, Mims, was making fresh guacamole, her specialty.

Here’s what we ended up having for supper:

Shrimp for the two pescetarians in the house (brats for everyone else), caesar salad prepared by Drew, beans, and sweet potatoes. I am not a sweet potato fan. I like them in chip or fry form but I don’t like them baked or in casseroles. Last night I decided to split one and eat it and (don’t tell my mother) I didn’t entirely hate it. So maybe, for the sake of nutrition, I can brave it from time to time.

And lest I forget dessert:

I know I’m off “sweets” until Easter but let’s face it, when a good friend makes blueberry casserole, you really can’t deny it. And hey, it had blueberries. It really was just a cobbler of a fruit salad.


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