a vegan lunch.

Some days my favorite thing to do is to do something really different for lunch. I can get out of the office, forget for an hour that it’s a work day, and go explore.

Today I headed over to Earth Fare in search of something Catherine had told me about – Soy Delight Vegan Nuggets. When I found them I grabbed two and had them wrapped up so that I could take them with me. These “chicken consistency” nuggets have the following ingredients:

vegan soy nuggets, (non-gmo soybean fiber, wheat protein, soybean oil, salt, vegearian seasoning <soy amino acids, mushroom powder, vegetable extract, sea salt>), contains soy, wheat.


Not to be one to try just one new thing, I also picked up some Shanghai Vegan Dumplings. I had about a 50/50 chance of liking my lunch. The dumpings were secondary to the nuggets. Their ingredients are as follows:

unbleached wheat flour, organic baby bok choy, organic cabage, shitake mushroom, organic scallions, organic celery, organic parsley, ginger, sesame tahini, sea salt, spices, sesame oil, contains wheat.


I thought the nuggets were incredible and I can’t wait to get them again with a side of orzo or kale salad. Today I washed it all down this:

My first iced soy chai tea in a while. One more star closer to being a Starbucks gold card holder.

Right when I was feeling all peaceful and healthy and … full, a woman came into my office and said to me, “I can tell you’ve lost weight in your arms and face lately. Your face had been getting rounder and now it’s not.” Punk.

At least today this happened:

Next goal: become Mayor.


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